Located in the Outer Rim just a stone's throw from Hutt controlled Space.
Here, in a natural Force-well that mostly obscures the system, a lone Padawan has been apprenticed to, and trained in secret by, a masterful Jedi whose visions led him to both planet and boy. The Jedi Master told only A'Sharad Hett of his padawan but never revealed Soma III's existence.
He vanished from the Jedi Order's records soon after congratulating his friend and mentor Qui-Gon on his elevation to the rank of 'Master'. Taking to heart the advice given him by Master Jinn he sought out the path the Force had for him to walk...no matter where it led. It led him to Soma III.
This blog is devoted to the life and times of that Padawan turned Knight, Tenric Starkindler, and his search for purpose during the Purge and beyond...

Friday, March 18, 2011


The RPG Tenric (as Hunter) is enmeshed in has stalled and will likely just fade into the ranks of other incomplete projects...*sigh*

Monday, October 4, 2010

His continuing mission......

You got it right!
The RPG I had Tenric join is still going on (but nearing the climactic battle). It's been a long affair with a good deal of hidden agendas and twists. When done I plan to edit/write in spots to make it flow more like a story and publish it here for all interested parties.

keep an eye out !!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A little RPG action for Tenric !!

Well, for any of those following the adventures of Tenric here are two RPG threads in which he has a part. The first is the set up for a "mission" and the second is the mission underway...

The Triple Zero Cantina

Weapons smuggling on Nar-Shadda

I had to "orchestrate" a little temporal anomaly in order for Tenric to participate as the year of the RPG is @ 70 ABY (when Tenric would be over a hundred). So he's about 55 in this game.

Don't forget...got a comment? Let me know!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Gambit Inc. Part IX

Orlan spoke up, “When Tenric needed a replacement ship for his Headhunter, he managed to get the ARC in a rather under-the-table round-about way. Anyway, it had already been totally stripped, and was just a display piece. We repaired the flight control systems and droid socket; we also installed four medium laser cannons, taken from a pair of Y-Wings. We wanted to install a Y-Wing ion cannon turret too, but that would have taken too much internal space, which Tenric needed to utilize for his bounty hunting. The power core, shields, and hyperdrive are all stock ARC components.”

“What about the proton torpedoes?” queried Orrell.

“Well, the magazine is still there. But at the moment the system is non-functional. We are still trying to locate a replacement targeting computer; it looks like someone took a blaster pistol to the factory once.”

After that, the group sat in silence while Orlan communicated with Soma orbital control. Just a few minutes later, the converted cargo ship and its fighter escort were clear of Soma’s gravity well, and were clear to navigate. They set a leisurely course for the Soma asteroid belt, and began a careful and detailed sensor sweep of the entire solar system, but especially their approach lane to their asteroid base. Kr-Ant could even feel Tenric reaching out in the Force, looking for any potential spies.

Orlan swiveled his pilot’s chair partially around to look back at his two passengers, “Our defensive network isn’t completely operational, nor as heavy, as we’d like. So, we’re very careful every time we dock. It’s not that we’re doing anything illegal out here, but we just value our privacy, for the moment. Once we get everything running to our preferences, we’ll slowly and carefully spread the word. Most contacts will be pre-screened by Tenric, if he’s available.”

As they entered the asteroid field, Dale brought the ship’s shields up to full power, and began navigating a winding route, with Orlan calling out times and distances. For almost fifteen minutes, they slowly cruised through the tumbling rocks. The deeper they got, Kr-Ant noticed that the smaller and very abundant debris appeared to thin out, only to be replaced larger asteroids. Then they were passing between three exceptionally large moonlet fragments, and began to curve around to the backside of a fourth. Only once their line-of-sight to Soma III was broken, did a series of docking lights begin flashing in the bottom of a crater, connected to a large crevice.

Landing parallel to the surface, and apparently on a massive elevator, they began to drop down into the massive asteroid. Dale spoke up, “Once this place and been strip-mined and tunneled, the gravity field was radically altered. Apparently, the durelium ore acted as a sort of gravitic stabilizer. Now, we actually have two different styles of docking bays: this one, parallel to the surface, and several that are perpendicular. Basically just flying straight ‘down’ into a hole. It kinda messes with your perspective for a while. One of our first tasks was to completely map out the internal gravity shifts and place warning marks in those sectors.”

“Most of our repair bays have very limited gravity, which is great in moving larger pieces around – no danger of dropping anything expensive and breaking it,” Orlan added. “Though we did install some gravity plating in the labs and living quarters.”

“Is it too much to hope that it’s not Soma standard G’s?” Orrell tentatively asked.

Orlan and Dale chucked, “We currently have it set at one standard G, though we can crank it up if you like!”

Orrell vigorously shook his head.

As the elevator finished descending, Orlan flicked several more switches at his control panel, and waited for the appropriate responses. “Okay, looks like we’re good to go. Outer hatch closed and secured, the atmospheric shield activated and stable, and the inner bay has pressurized. Welcome to the base of operations for Gambit Inc.! Would either of you care for a tour?”

A couple hours later, the five of then returned to the common room for a meal, to find Tenric already there, hungrily devouring a couple nerf stakes. After the meal, the Jedi and the engineers split up. Dale and Orlan took Orrell down to the main hanger to begin work on the Z-100, while Tenric showed Kr-Ant one of the low-gravity ship bays, “Interested in some low-G sparing? Since the Jedi holocaust, I’ve had a hard time finding lightsaber sparing partners. I also come here to meditate.”

Orrell and Kr-Ant stayed at the asteroid base for almost three weeks. A custom hyperdrive was designed, built, and finally installed, while Tenric and Kr-Ant spoke at length of their separate Jedi experiences and training. They each learned a few things from the other. Kr-Ant, the older, spoke at length of life as a proper Jedi padawan at the temple in Coruscant. He explained that the surviving Jedi would have to make some changes, and break with some traditions and thoughts that were thousands of years old. Or else the Jedi order might be completely extinguished, and the Sith would lead the galaxy to chaos and self-destruction.

Tenric spoke of his plans, and experiences in finding and rescuing a few Jedi. So far, all had been young padawans or knights, from small planets in the outer rim regions. By far, Tenric's biggest news was regarding his encounter with A'Shared Hett on Dantooine. Tenric had been quite 'out of the loop', and so most of Kr-Ant's news was more of a recent history lesson of the Jedi and the temple on Coruscant. Disappointingly to both, neither had any idea the current status of Masters Yoda and Obi-Wan Kenobi. The last confirmed sighting of Yoda, had been on Kashyyyk. There were rumors that the pair had been spotted together on Coruscant at the Jedi temple shortly after the clones had turned on the Jedi, but again, there was no proof.

After a few days of power testing within the repair bay, Kr-Ant, Orrell, and Dale went for a test flight. They made several hyperspace jumps, of varying duration and speed. After some fine-tuning at one point, they made a two-jump return to Soma III space, and returned to the asteroid field. The next couple days were spent downloading and reviewing the hyperdrive and its computer readouts. The hyperdrive was completely removed and thoroughly inspected, too. No problems were spotted. In fact, the fully custom hyperdrive was operating at a much cooler temperature than they had initially calculated. Apparently, they had been able to obtain much purer durelium ore that they thought possible. Anywhere else, the cost of comparable materials would have been prohibitively expensive. Dale later commented, “I guess it always helps to have an inside line!”

Almost a month after having first arrived on Soma III, Orrell and Kr-Ant were making final preparations for departure. Just before boarding the prototype, Kr-Ant stepped aside and spoke with Tenric. “Keep in touch. If you need any help, you can reach me through Orrell. Watch your back. I have been seeing reports of wandering bands of vigilantes hunting for any Jedi survivors, and even simple force-sensitives. These truly are dark times.”

The two Jedi clasped hands firmly, “May the Force be with you, Jedi Knight Starkindler.”

“And with you, Master Jooraw.”

Nodding once more, the Jedi Master and his engineer, boarded their prototype starfighter, and carefully departed the asteroid workshop.

From a small observation deck on the surface near the docking bay, Dale activated his comlink to the departing Z-100, “Orrell, try not to burn out this hyperdrive, too. The next one’ll cost ya! A lot.”

“Ha! Yeah right! And you try not to get suckered into buying any more stripped and useless hunks of junk!

Before Dale could rise to the defense of The Second Chance a pair of moonlet sized asteroids tumbled close by and when they had cleared the small ship was gone.

Tenric clapped Dale on the shoulder as they turned to leave the observation deck.
"Don't worry Dale." He offered with a wink to Orlan, "I have a feeling you'll get another chance."

END....Roll Credits and Fade to Black.......

Gambit Inc. Part VIII

“SomaIII seems to be a sort of Force-well. The currents that run through the Force mix here in what seems to be a unique way. Using the Force for personal things is only marginally more difficult than in the wider galaxy in my experience. Reaching outward in any way, however, such as moving objects or sensing others thoughts, presence, or feelings, is difficult at best for those new to it.”

Tenric leaned forward conspiratorially before continuing.

“You must find the place where the two main currents in the Force meet. There you will find a small calm center, like the eye of a storm. Place yourself in that space and then reach outward towards each current. Allow them to flow through you, use you as a conduit. When you have achieved this the static will abate, for you will have become a living antennae through which the Force can easily flow.”

“Lose that balance and the static will return. SomaIII seems intended by the Force as a place of balance. Stray to far to either side here and you will find yourself in darkness.” Tenric looked away as he finished.

The veiled warning was not lost on Kr-Ant. A Jedi frustrated by the static could easily be tempted to reach out wildly for it. The Dark Side usually claimed such seekers after power. As he met Tenric's gaze once more there was a new note of respect in Kr-Ant's eyes. Something in Tenric's presence rippled as he spoke of the dangers of the darkness. Kr-Ant realized his new friend must have first hand knowledge of the dangers...and had chosen to hold to the light. Here on his home turf Tenric's balanced mastery of the Force made him a formidable Jedi indeed. Out in the wider galaxy, without the need to work through SomaIII's static, Kr-Ant sensed Tenric's control would rival even those who had once sat on the High Council……

…Meanwhile, Orrell had opened up the Z-100’s hatch and was giving Dale and Orlan a thorough tour. “At twenty-two point six meters long, she’s obviously larger than most modern fighters and interceptors. With a standard crew requirement of two, the controls can be set-up for a single pilot. There is also sufficient interior space to allow for up to three more crew stations, depending on the mission requirements. Of course, this would necessitate the removal of the long-term mission crew-support equipment and bunks. There is also an interface docking socket for an astromech droid.”

After they had finished their review of the interior, Orrell moved them outside again, and they began walking around the exterior, first heading aft along the port side.

“My design theory is that by building on a larger frame, I can have more room for power requirements. Obviously a larger ship needs more thrust, if it’s to have any chance at competing or even excelling in combat conditions. As you can see, I chose a multiple engine layout, as opposed to much larger engines. With six separate engines the weight is more than a similar craft would be with say, just two or three huge engines. This is partly to provide back-up systems, and more importantly, these sublight engines are readily available. They only need some minor modifications to tweak their performance in this application.”

“But why this particular engine arrangement?” asked Orlan. “Wouldn’t you rather have the engines inside the main hull, for protection?”

Orrell nodded, “Usually, yes. But here, I have designed the two engine pods with the ability to swivel on the z-axis. This significantly assists the Z-100 in maneuverability. Of course, I have heavily armored these swivel joints. And I mean heavily! Unshielded, they can withstand up to two direct impacts from any standard starfighter-scale warhead, be it missile, or torpedo. There are also additional maneuvering thrusters located at various points along the hull.”

Orrell continued, “Also, if an entire pod is damaged, and the crew is unable to rotate it back to a standard flight position, the pod can be ejected. The remaining pod will still have sufficient thrust to power the ship. Flight specs will then be at no more than sixty percent. Emergency measures can overdrive the remaining engines up to one hundred and twenty-five percent, though not for extended durations, of course.”

Dale and Orlan nodded.

“With this current configuration, between the sublight engines, shields, power core, and energy transfer, the Z-100 can pretty much out-fly and outlast at least eight-five percent of the production starfighters out there right now, both old and new. Anyway, what good is a fast and maneuverable ship without a healthy dose of weaponry, eh?” The engineers laughed at this, each with their fair share of experiences with fighter pilots wanting bigger and/or more weapons.

“A ship this size could normally physically carry more than what I have currently installed, but that would divert power from the engine systems. So, up top, you can see a heavy dual laser cannon turret, with both remote and manual targeting. Between each engine pod and the central fuselage, I have two medium ion cannons and a concussion missile launcher with twelve missiles. And along the center-line on the mid-ventral, I installed a single proton torpedo launcher, with a maximum capacity of twenty torpedoes.”

Dale’s jaw dropped, “That many? Wow, that’s quite a punch this baby has!”

Orrell grinned, then shrugged, “Well, she could, or rather she did. We barely survived our test flight, due to some Imperial interference; hence, our accidental visit here. Our torpedo magazine is completely empty, and the missile launchers only have a couple warheads left in each. But, I’m not looking for weapons. What we really need is our hyperdrive repaired. Unfortunately, it may even be beyond repair.”

Dale and Orlan glanced at each other, and nodded subtly. With a wink to Orrell, Dale commented, “Like we said back at the cantina, I think we can arrange something. But first, can you make orbit, or will you need a lift? Better yet, we’ll haul you up. Soma security is used to seeing our transport in the asteroids, and I don’t think I want to attract too much attention to our little operation just yet. Our base is already set up and operational, though we have yet to actually do any major work for outsiders so far. You’ll be our first.”

“Sounds good. How soon before you want to leave?”

Orlan replied, “How’s about in forty minutes? We need to get some supplies, and file our flight plan with orbital control. We have some friends with the quarantine security, and with no one else ‘impounded’, we can easily land outside the hanger here, and move your fighter into our cargo bay, and be gone without attracting any attention.”

The three engineers chatted for a few more minutes, and then Dale and Orlan departed the hanger to make the necessary arrangements. Tenric too, departed shortly after, to run a few errands of his own, before prepping his own ship for departure.

Exactly thirty-nine minutes later, Orrell’s comlink beeped twice, signaling that Dale and Orlan were landing outside. Kr-Ant opened the hanger’s main door, and Orrell used the hanger’s small transporter to move the prototype fighter outside. By the time the fighter had exited the building, Orlan already had the ship’s cavernous cargo bay opened up, with a large ventral cargo elevator lowered to the tarmac. It was a tight squeeze on the elevator, but they managed to get the Z-100 stowed without incident.

The Second Chance had once been part of the Republic’s diplomatic cruiser fleet, but it had been sold off at the height of the Clone Wars. It’s once distinctive crimson hull had been blasted clean of most paint, exposing the dull grey of its bare hull metal. Before the sale, the interior had also been almost completely gutted; even the modular diplomatic pod and the extensive communications suite and its and array were gone. Since purchasing the aged starship, Dale and Orlan had retrofitted the main three decks into a massive cargo hold. Only the fourth, and topmost, ‘spinal’ deck, had been refit to accommodate a skeleton crew. And with the assistance of a couple astromech droids, the starship was once again space-worthy, though not in such a prestigious role it had once known.

As Second Chance lifted off and made it’s way through the upper atmosphere along the planetary exit traffic lane, a much smaller ship joined formation just off the bow. Glancing out the cockpit window, Kr-Ant nodded imperceptibly, feeling the Force-presence of Tenric. It was rather disconcerting to see the particular craft that Tenric was currently piloting though. The last time Kr-Ant had seen one, a squadron of them had been trying to murder him; an ARC-170 fighter/bomber.

Before Kr-Ant could activate a comm channel, Tenric’s voice could be heard over the cockpit speakers, “I thought this might get your attention. Though most people just look at it as a war relic now; almost a collector’s item!”

Kr-Ant frowned and grunted softly, “Sure.”